Suzanne Scherr Steger


Suzanne Scherr Steger, Assistant Dean of the School of Music, Sias Int'l University

“Attending some of the Academy events and reading about the mission, something about it just really touched my heart strings and I thought, if there is anything I can do to connect further the World Academy with Sias in my particular field which is music, tell me how, when, where and I’ll do it.”

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Aug 13: Lynn Li, Academy Member - "Nourishing Life" Project Leader

August 20: Sonia Megias & Eva Guillamon, Artists - Musicians, Poets




Jerry Liu


Jerry Liu, Taking Care of Business Project Leader

"I love the Academy because we have classes together, we have project activities together, we have fun together. We help each other and we inspire each other. For me it is my most meaningful experience in college.”


Kim and Jim Sorensen, Videographers - Windward Productions

“Every year as part of our giving back our company does a passion project, and this year we chose to produce a mini video documentary featuring the work being done by World Academy for the Future of Women. Now that we are in China at the Academy we realize the scope of their work, and its benefits to young women are much larger than we ever could imagine!"

Maxine - Guo Yidan


Ms. Maxine Guo Yidan, Academy Member - "One to One" Project Leader

“When you are a member of the Academy time management is very challenging, and it is very important for me. I made a commitment to the Academy so I must keep it, and I grow up very quickly in the Academy, so it is very worth it."

Amy Cao


Ms. Amy Cao, Academy Member - "Literacy Reading" Project Leader

“Before I joined the Academy I was lacking courage, I was not brave. In high school I seldom raised my hand to answer questions and I wanted to change that, so I joined World Academy for the Future of Women to learn to have more confidence."

Warren Salinger


Mr. Warren Salinger, Author, Speaker

“I am a great advocate for gender equality. I have three daughters of my own, who I always taught to become all that they can be, and they have become all that they can be and I would love to see that happen for as many women as possible, and of course World Academy for the Future of Women is a vehicle for that.”

Juno Liu


Ms. Juno Liu, Alumni

“Since I joined WA I found my purpose and what I want to do, and I recognize I can do more. Not just study, get good grades, graduate and get a good job. In world Academy I learned I can make a difference to this world, I can help people with needs, I really learned a lot. And because we have so many excellent facilitators from abroad, all our classes are taught in English so I practiced my English and opened my mind because, and was able to take risks and go to work in a big city: Shanghai.”

Acqua Shui


Ms. Acqua Shui, Alumni.

“I joined the United Nations Peace Keepers in South Sudan because I want to make a change. I always wanted to do something to change the world. Those are big words, I know, but I did not believe that I could do this before I joined the World Academy for the Future of Women. I thought it was too big, and I am so small.”


Marianne Green, Chief Executive - St James's Place International
Hong Kong, China

“It is important for businesses to make sure that they are recruiting as evenly as possible from men and women, and to really think about how to give women the most opportunities because otherwise, you are turning away half your workforce.”


Jerrie Ueberle, Founder of World Academy for the Future of Women.

"The Academy in Action Alumni Association (AAAA) reinforces and holds academy members accountable for what they have learned in the Academy. It is also a way to encourage women currently in the Academy to work hard and to do well. AAAA achieves all this by finding internships & jobs for its members as well lodging and greater opportunities."


Jerrie Ueberle, Founder of World Academy for the Future of Women.

"There are over 61 million left behind children in China, so I would like to see all students at Sias University be a part of the One on One project, and be a buddy to somebody left behind in a village."


Ms. Taylor Zhang, WAFW alumni.

“I learned a lot from the Academy, but for me, the most important thing I learned is team work. One person may be able to bring changes, but a group of people can indeed bring changes."


Ms. Carina - Guo Danqing, WAFW alumni.

“The three years I studied at World Academy for the Future of Women transformed me into a totally different person. I was shy and full of fear, but now I am confident and I live beyond my personal and geographic boundaries.  I have widened my vision for what is possible."


Mr. Simon - Dewei Xiang, WAFW alumni.

“The most important thing I learned from the Academy is confidence.  My confidence level really improved a lot, and because of my new confidence lots of things have happened to me, beyond my expectations!"


Ms. Alice - Gao Aijing, WAFW alumni.

“Before I went to Sias University and joined the Academy, I never had the vision I would be able to go abroad for further studies and get more skills. and improve my English.  I can put the text book knowledge and leadership skills into practice through the World Academy platform, so that’s a good combination…”


Ms. Agatha Zhao, WAFW alumni.

“I feel studying in the USA is a miracle which started with my choice to attend Sias University. As the only girl in 3 generations of my family, I always had the desire to be listened to and to be heard by men, and the emphasis in the Academy on listening to women’s voices attracted me, and that is why I decided to go to Sias University and join the World Academy for the Future of Women program.”

Agatha Zhao


Ms. Gloria Pan, WAFW alumni.

"...Working on Academy projects has enabled me to develop the passion and capacity to think critically and creatively."

Gloria Pan


Ms. Mandy Tao, WAFW alumni and Administrative Assistant for WAFW.

"...The word leadership was first introduced to me by academy members; I was curious,  I wanted to know what is leadership, and how does leadership matter to women in China and in the world.  I could not wait to see more and do more, so I joined the World Academy for the Future of Women."

Mandy Tao



Dr. Shawn Chen, Founder and Chairman of Sias International University shares his thoughts on the cooperation between Sias and World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW).


"Because they cannot control the world, women students cannot change the bias and prejudice against women everywhere. But they can change themselves, and when they become better, tougher, more capable and strong leaders, then society’s prejudice against them will be reduced."

Dr. Shawn Chen


First interview launching World Academy Radio, an initiative of World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW). Listen to the Academy's Founder, Jerrie Ueberle, as she explains the mission of WAFW.


"Let's Accelerate Women Leadership Around the World!"
Jerrie Ueberle

9th Annual Symposium World Academy for the Future of Women

A few members of the U.S. delegation of speakers at the 9th Annual Symposium of World Academy for the Future of Women  held in May 2015 at SIAS International University in Xinzheng, China.